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 2017 Legislative Agenda: The Traffic Safety Education Act

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is working to pass a bill entitled, “An Act to Provide Traffic Safety Education in Maine Schools.” This bill will ensure that school children from grade two on receive one-hour of age appropriate education on how to use roadways safely. We need your help!

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How You Can Help Pass the Traffic Safety Education Act of 2017:

  1. Join our mailing list by filling out the form below.

  2. Make sure you are a Facebook friend of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and share posts on your social media networks.

  3. Consider testifying on the Traffic Safety Education Act’s behalf, or recruit people (especially teachers) to testify.

  4. Write a letter supporting the bill to send to a local newspaper. Guidance on writing a Letter to the Editor can be found on our site here.

  5. Contact your legislators and ask them to support/sponsor the Act. Find your legislator by going to https://legislature.maine.gov/house/townlist.htm and search by your town. An email or phone call makes a big impression! Or set up a coffee meeting.

  6. Join us at Traffic Safety Day at the Capitol, April 5th. Sign up here.

  7. Become a BCM Community Spoke. Our next training will be May 3rd. Contact Sam Herr at sam@bikemaine.org if you are interested in attending.

  8. Join us at the Legislators Walk and Ride Day, May 24.

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