Community Advocacy

The Coalition supports local bicycle/pedestrian advocacy through the Community Spokes Program, and by providing technical support, print and on-line resources to interested towns in Maine. If your town or community needs help getting started or with a specific bicycle related challenge, please contact Abby King, Community Advocacy Coordinator, at

Community Spokes Program

The Community Spokes Program is proudly supported by Martin’s Point Healthcare.

The Community Spokes Program is proudly supported by Martin’s Point Healthcare.

The Community Spokes Program is the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s effort to create a statewide network of bicycle and pedestrian advocates at the local level.  Through the Spokes program, BCM trains and supports volunteer advocates all over the state to advance bicycling and walking in their communities. We furnish Spokes with information on advocacy, facilities, funding, and much more. BCM provides Spokes with:

  • Basic training in community mobilization and the tools for change.
  • A Toolkit with in-depth information on advocacy, and bike/ped programs, policies, and projects.
  • Ongoing technical assistance and support just an email or phone call away.
  • Workshops, networking events, mutual aid calls, and an email discussion group.
  • Mutual Aid Calls, covering topics such as:
    • Everything you need to know about the MDOT”
    • “The Safe Routes to School Program”
    • “How you can leverage the health problems in Maine to get support for bicycling/walking in your community”
  • spokespicsOutreach and educational materials for use at community venues and events.
  • Press releases to attract media interest in local projects and priorities.
  • Complimentary BCM membership, and fully or partially subsidized registration for bicycle safety education classes and the National Bike Summit.
  • Free BCM t-shirt or hat and Pedro’s deals.

Through the program, local advocates become even stronger movers and shakers in their communities. Spokes work to keep the conversation going on bicycling and walking in their towns. They often convene Bike/Ped Committees or “Active Community Environment Teams” that encourage active lifestyles. People who become Community Spokes will:

  • Attend a full-day training and participate in mutual aid calls and regional meetings.
  • Engage and work with their neighbors, local leaders and transportation officials to promote bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure, policies, programs.
  • Be the eyes and ears of the Bicycle Coalition in their community and helping BCM provide a voice for bicycle and pedestrian interests at events, meetings, and public gatherings.
  • Contribute approximately five hours per month to advocacy work.
  • Support and learn from fellow Spokes around the state.
  • Take pride in making Maine a better place to ride and walk!