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Community Spokes Program

The Community Spokes Program is the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s effort to create a statewide network of bicycle and pedestrian advocates at the local level. We empower residents to become champions – Community Spokes – of better biking and walking in their cities and towns. Through advocacy training, education, and ongoing technical support, become part of a growing coalition of people working to improve biking and walking conditions in Maine.

To become a Community Spoke and lead your community to a better quality of life, please consider taking the Community Spokes Training. It is a day long training starting at 8:30am and finishing by 4:00pm. Morning coffee and lunch will be provided.

The next training will be held on Thursday, December 6, 2018 in Brunswick. 

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Who are Community Spokes?

  • People who believe that biking and walking brings economic, transportation, health and environmental benefits to individuals, communities and the state.
  • Residents or organizations who want to get more involved in making their community more bike/ped-friendly but aren’t sure where to start, how to navigate the local bureaucracy, or who else is willing to help.  See a map of the Community Spokes around the state here!

 What do Community Spokes do?

  • Provide a voice for bicycle and pedestrian interests at public meetings and events.
  • Learn from and support their fellow Spokes around the state.
  • Work with neighbors and decision-makers to promote bike/ped infrastructure, policies, and programs.

 What does the Bicycle Coalition of Maine provide for Community Spokes?

  • Ongoing assistance to Spokes and their committees in the form of trainings, communications, administration, strategic advocacy, and more.
  • Online Advocacy Toolkit and numerous other resources for effective advocacy work in Maine.
  • One all-day training, regional advocacy events, and webinars throughout the year.
  • Connection to other trained Spokes for information and skill sharing.
  • BCM membership and outreach and educational materials for use at community events.

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