Community Advocacy

The Coalition supports local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy through the Community Spokes Program, and by providing technical support, print, and on-line resources to interested individuals and groups. If your community needs help getting started with a specific bicycle or pedestrian related issue, please contact the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

Community Spokes Program

2014-01-15 23.04.33The Community Spokes Program is the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s effort to create a statewide network of bicycle and pedestrian advocates at the local level. We empower Mainers to become champions of better biking and walking through advocacy training, education, and ongoing technical support.

Community Spokes become leaders in their communities by undertaking projects that improve biking and walking conditions through infrastructure changes, education and programs, and policy changes.

The next training will be held in Nov. 9 in Farmington.

Join the Community Spokes Program

Who are Community Spokes?

  • Mainers who are interested in becoming leaders in their community to promote biking and walking.
  • People who believe that biking and walking brings economic, transportation, health and environmental benefits to individuals, communities and the state.
  • Residents or organizations who want to get more involved in making their community more bike/ped-friendly but aren’t sure where to start, how to navigate the local bureaucracy, or who else is willing to help.

 What will Community Spokes do?

  • Attend a training on becoming an effective advocate and developing a plan designed for their community.
  • Participate in Webinars and in-person events to further advocacy skills.
  • Be the eyes and ears of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine in their community, and provide a voice for bicycle and pedestrian interests at public meetings and events.
  • Learn from and support their fellow Spokes around the state.
  • Work with neighbors and decision-makers to promote bike/ped infrastructure, policies, and programs.

 What does the Bicycle Coalition of Maine provide for Community Spokes?

  • Ongoing assistance to Spokes and their committees in the form of communications, administration, strategic advocacy, and more.
  • Online Advocacy Toolkit and numerous other resources for effective advocacy work in Maine.
  • One all-day training, regional advocacy events, and Webinars throughout the year.
  • Connection to other trained Spokes for information and skill sharing.
  • BCM membership and outreach and educational materials for use at community events.






The Community Spokes Program is Proudly Supported by:

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