Build Local Complete Streets

Beach St ped signMainers need streets that are safe and inviting for everyone. Too many of our local streets encourage speeding traffic and discourage children, older adults, and families from walking or biking. We advocate for more complete streets in cities and towns across the state, and we need your help.

What Is A Complete Street?

A Complete Street is one that safely accommodates the needs of all street users–pedestrians, wheelchair users, bicyclists, transit-users, and car drivers. Cities and towns in Maine, large or small, can begin building a safer and more welcoming street network by adopting a Complete Streets Policy and then ensuring its full implementation. So far, only seven municipalities across Maine have adopted a local Complete Streets Policy.

What Does A Complete Street Look Like?

A Complete Streets policy does not dictate a one-size fits all approach. A Complete Street in a rural area will look quite different from a complete street in an urban area. But both are designed to balance safety and convenience for everyone using the road. A Complete Street may include: sidewalks, bike lanes, paved shoulders, comfortable and accessible bus stops, safe crosswalks, median islands, curb extensions, narrower travel lanes, and more.

What Does A Local Complete Streets Policy Do?

A local Complete Streets policy guides the community’s actions when planning, programming, designing, constructing, reconstructing, paving, retrofitting, or performing operations and maintenance activities on roads within local jurisdiction. When transportation dollars are spent, the safety and needs of all users are considered. Under a Complete Streets approach, these actions are taken in a way that provides equitable access and safety for all people, not just car drivers.

Adopt a Complete Streets Policy in Your Town!

If you’re working to draft, build support, adopt, and implement a Complete Streets Policy at the local level, start with our Complete Streets Resolution Template for Maine Municipalities. We also recommend using these fact sheets, workbooks, and guides from the National Complete Streets Coalition:

Which Cities and Towns in Maine Have Adopted a Complete Streets Policy?