Build Complete Streets

Support the MaineDOT’s Statewide Complete Streets Policy

Add your name to the growing list of supporters who want to see full implementation of the MaineDOT’s Complete Streets Policy

In June 2014, the Maine Department of Transportation adopted a Complete Streets Policy. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is working to make sure this policy translates into action.

  • The agency needs to bring other internal policies, including its Shoulder-Paving Policy and Light-Capitol Paving Policy in line with Complete Streets.
  • Staff such as engineers, project managers, and contractors need to be trained in how to plan and construct road projects that “consider the needs of all users.”
  • The intent of the policy is to “help ensure that all users of Maine’s transportation system—our customers—including bicyclists, pedestrians, people of all ages and abilities, transit users, and motor vehicle users, have safe and efficient access to the transportation system.” Let’s make sure the administration comprehensively implement this policy in all facets of its work to ensure that our roads are welcoming for everyone, not just car drivers.
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