2017 Legislative Agenda: The Traffic Safety Education Act

Last year was one of the deadliest years in recent history for Maine bicyclists and walkers. Unfortunately, it’s the most vulnerable members of our communities – children, the elderly, and people with disabilities – who are most often at risk.

That’s why we’re supporting LD 1130, an Act To Provide Traffic Safety Education In Maine Schools.

The Traffic Safety Education Act will ensure that Maine school children from grade two on receive age-appropriate instruction about how to use roadways safely. This legislation will help keep our children safe now, when they’re walking or biking on their way to or from school, home or a friend’s house, and in the future: children who’ve grown up learning the rules of the road will be safer and better drivers when they get behind the wheel as adults.

If the Traffic Safety Education Act becomes law, Maine students will receive one hour each year of instruction at school about the rules of pedestrian, bicycle and motorist safety. Teachers can either use the Coalition’s curriculum, developed by teachers for teachers, or request a presentation from a certified bicycle and pedestrian safety educator, and the Traffic Safety Education component will not be a part of graduation requirements.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Join the Bicycle Coalition of Maine! The strength of the Coalition comes from our members. When you join or renew your membership, you make a powerful statement of support for Maine bicyclists and pedestrians.
  2. Sign on in support of the Traffic Safety Education Act by completing the form below.
  3. Contact your legislators. Ask them to support the Act. Find your legislator by clicking here and searching by your town’s name. An email or phone call makes a big impression, an in-person visit even more so.
  4. Join us in Augusta on April 5 for Traffic Safety Day. You’ll have an opportunity to pick up some traffic safety tips and techniques from Bicycle Coalition of Maine staffers and meet with your legislator to express support for the Traffic Safety Education Act. You can sign up here.
  5. Join us in Augusta on May 10 for Legislators Walk and Ride Day. Take part in a short walk or ride with state legislators and let them know how important it is to pass the Traffic Safety Education Act.

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