Walk & Bike Brightly Campaign


It’s the time of year when the importance of bike lights becomes abundantly clear.  In the coming months, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine will engage in an educational campaign encouraging people to ride and walk safely and abide by the law when traveling after dark.

BikeBrightly Logo

For more information about how you can be part of the Bike Brightly campaign, email us.  Are you looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of your own Bike Brightly campaign?  Please see our Advocacy Toolkit in the sidebar to the right.

The campaign will feature the following elements:

• Statewide Light Giveaways:

Our Community Spokes local advocates will be organizing light distribution efforts around the state. To find the Spoke closest to you, click here for a complete list of advocates and communities.  The Coalition will also host several giveaway events where front and rear bike lights, and reflective gear will be distributed to young people and those who cannot afford lights or would not otherwise have the ability to purchase them at retail locations. Our efforts will focus on partnerships with social services organizations, neighborhood associations, and local law enforcement departments.

• Law Enforcement Coordination:

As an extension of our regular efforts to work with law enforcement agencies around the state, the Coalition has secured an allotment of lights for police officers to distribute to those cyclists who they spot riding in the dark.

• Bike Shop Promotion:

Many of your local bike shops have a wide selection and great deals on lights and reflective accessories right now.  If you’ve been putting off buying a new light, now is the time!