Bike Parking

Providing appropriate bike parking is a crucial step in creating bike friendly environments. Bike riders seek out convenience and safety in parking their bikes, which means that installing quality bike parking can encourage bike use, increase bike security and create a more orderly, visually appealing streets.

Short Term Bike Parking

Short term bike parking focuses on easy access and high visibility as a form of security. When considering options for short term bike parking keep in mind: the ideal bike rack will have two points of contact with the bike to prevent unwanted strain on the wheels or frame; and a bike rack should allow a u-lock to lock the rack to one wheel as well as the frame of the bike. Be wary of the common “schoolrack” and the “wave” style as they do not meet these criteria. Here are some racks that work well:

  • The inverted U rack  
  • Post and ring style bike racks
  • Bike Corrals: By installing a corral, a space that is typically used to park one vehicle can now park up to eight. This is a great way to make room for bike parking on a crowded sidewalk by placing a bike rack in a parking space or other street space.
  • Decorative and customizable bike racks. These present a playful way to draw attention to a business or space. Make sure that these racks meet the requirements mentioned above so that they function well.

Long Term Bike Parking

Long term bike parking focuses on security over convenience for longer term storage needs. It’s  common in apartment buildings and workplaces. Below are some examples of  good long term bike storage options:

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