Make Your Town More Bike-Friendly: Community Spokes Toolkit

The Community Spokes Toolkit was developed for local community bike advocates trained by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine as “Community Spokes.”  These tools were designed for all advocates who want to make their own Maine community more bike-friendly. 

The Community Spokes Toolkit is intended to help you create a campaign around any local issues related to bicycling and walking, or to help you provide assistance to others doing similar work. It provides the information you need to coordinate or assist with efforts to promote projects, policies and programs in your community to benefit bicycling and walking. 

The Toolkit will help you:

  • Create a Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee in your town
  • Bring bike safety and education programs to the town, like Safe Routes to School
  • Develop bike-friendly municipal policies, like Complete Streets policies
  • Find funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects
  • Frame and spread your message to those who can help

This resource was developed with funding from the Alliance for Biking & Walking, the Cumberland County Government, and the Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust in Portland, Maine.

Please email Abby King at to learn more about the Community Spokes Program


The Toolkit

This toolkit is an introduction to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and the processes of bike/ped advocacy, and is not intended to be comprehensive or better than direct advice. Please feel free to contact the Bicycle Coalition of Maine any time for more information about us or for suggestions on the advocacy process.

Click Here to Download the Toolkit Part 1 - The 'Winning Campaigns' Approach

Click Here to Download the Toolkit Part 2 - About the Bicycle Coalition of Maine

Click Here to Download the Toolkit Part 3 - Appendices


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