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Bicycles-WelcomeTap Into a Growing Tourism Market by Making Your Business Bicycle-Friendly!

Did you know that 3 out of 4 people own a bicycle and that bicycles tourists spend 20 percent more on average than other tourists?

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine‘s Bicycles WelcoME training and certification program is dedicated to making businesses more inviting to visitors and customers on bicycles, whether they are locals on a lunch ride or visitors on a vacation tour.

Each business may offer a different set of bicycle-friendly services, but all are united by a common appreciation of the value of bicycle riding customers. The program does not try to turn every business into a bike shop, but rather, to find ways that each business can provide service at a level that makes sense for them and the kind of business they are. Whether the business is offering snacks and water or bathrooms and area information, these small services can make a big difference to a customer on a bicycle.

Click here to register for an upcoming training on the following dates:

  • April 24, 5-7 p.m., Cobscook Community Learning Center, 10 Commissary Point Rd., Trescott

  • April 25, 9-11a.m., Washington County COG Office, 19 Main Street, Milbridge

NOTE: Trainings are contingent upon minimum enrollment of 5 per session.


Bicycle tourism is a fast-growing segment of the recreation tourism industry – in fact, bicycle tourists spend approximately 29 percent MORE than other tourists, and tend to stay in an area longer. The annual economic impact from bicycle tourism in Maine is approximately $66 million … let’s tap into that!

Bicycle tourism attracts active, nature-loving people who desire unspoiled vistas and an authentic, hands-on experience of place. With our historic villages, intact natural resource-based economy, friendly communities and strong outdoor traditions, the Bold Coast region offers numerous opportunities for fulfillment.

Join the Bicycle Coalition of Maine for a FREE Bicycles WelcoME training and certification program. Bicycles WelcoME offers insight into what sets bicycle riders apart from other market segments, and how you can tap into their enthusiasm for the sport to attract and hold their business.

The training features extended Q&A sessions, with topics including:

  • Attributes of Active Recreation Tourists
  • The Economics of Bicycle Tourism
  • Types of Bicycle Tourism
  • The Demographics of Bicycle Tourists
  • Getting to Know More About Bicycle Riders
  • What You Can Do to Become a Bicycles WelcoME Business

Bicycles WelcoME certification is about recognizing and serving the needs of bicycle riders at a level that makes sense for your business, in order to help your business attract and keep this valuable market.

Upon successfully completing Bicycles WelcoMe, you will receive:

  • 11×14” double sided coroplastic Bicycles WelcoME sign with custom icons indicating up to five separate services helpful to bicycle riders (e.g. bathrooms, free water, secure parking);
  • A “Bicycles WelcoME” Window decal;
  • Inclusion of your bicycle friendly businesses on a map on the Bicycle Coalition of Maine website;
  • $50 off your first annual business membership to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine; and
  • Access to reduced-cost Bicycles WelcoME toolkit, which include a tire pump, basic tools, and a few common-sized bicycle tubes.

Bicycles WelcoME Businesses

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