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Coalition Announces Community Spokes Training

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is going to be offering its “Community Spokes” training on November 13, 2012.  Would you or someone you know like to join us for a day of fun, learning, and planning for a more bike-and walk-friendly Maine? Simply … Continue reading


Bike To Work. Once a Week. For the Planet.

Now that NOAA has officially announced March 2012 the warmest on record, climate change is getting harder and harder to deny. Even skeptics can’t ignore the most obvious evidence of our altered climate: the record-breaking number of extreme weather events … Continue reading


A Rant on Risk

I am what I suppose you could call a low level extreme athlete. I like to do sports that involve risk, because I believe that danger is a delicious gravy to life. I paddle whitewater kayaks in ocean surf, I … Continue reading


Crashes with Cars: Before the Crash

This article is adapted from the Winter 2012 “Ask the Experts” column of BCM’s newsletter, “Maine Cyclist”. In this first part of a two-part series about crashes with cars, we discuss preventative measures, both to avoid having a crash at … Continue reading


Cyclist Insurance

This article was originally printed in the Summer 2011 “Ask the Experts” column of BCM’s newsletter, “Maine Cyclist”. A reader requested that we explain insurance for cyclists. This can be a very complicated subject, and we cannot do more than … Continue reading