Encouragement – Moving Forward!

Want to step up your biking and walking encouragement game? The SRTS Advanced Technical Assistance Program includes the following in-depth assistance from SRTS staff:

Requirements for Technical Assistance: One school champion identified to be main contact, informal administrative buy-in.

    • Planning and executing walk and/or bike events; see the one-pager, Plan a Walk or Bike to School Event
    • Regularly scheduled technical assistance calls and meetings
    • Bike and Walk to School Policy development assistance; see Sample Walk and Bike to School Policy here:  (PDF) or (Word)
    • Site Infrastructure Assessment Assistance
    • Student Travel Planning – Evaluation and assessment of current school travel modes, identification of at least one safe route to school, and potential to develop wayfinding markers; School Travel Planning Tool
    • Parent Surveys and Student Travel Tallies with the National SRTS Evaluation Materials: survey students and parents to identify the current percentage of students that walk or bike to school, perceived barriers to biking and walking, and opportunities to increase the number of students biking and walking
    • Multi-Week Youth Bicycle Club/Riding Programs – Assistance coordinating a multi-week youth riding program, in some cases a SRTS program instructor can be provided as the Ride Leader

Build a culture of walking at your school by forming a Walking School Bus Program (WSB). SRTS staff will provide technical assistance to recruit & train a local WSB Coordinator and volunteers, promote the program in your community, and design route(s). For more information visit walkingschoolbus.me.

Maine Walking School Bus – The Walking School Bus Program from Bicycle Coalition of Maine on Vimeo.