Off Road Bicycling Education (ORBE) Program

ORBEThe Off Road Bicycle Education (ORBE) Program seeks to educate people of all ages on:

  • How to operate mountain bikes in a safe and environmentally sensitive fashion,
  • How to lay out and build sustainable, environmentally conscientious trails that serve the needs of hikers, runners, snowshoers and bicycle riders.

The program seeks to partner with schools to create/support riding programs that engage students with the healthy fun and excitement of off-road trail riding. Schools can participate in just the riding instruction, just the trail building instruction, or both parts of the program.

To request information or a visit,
contact Erik daSilva at: or (207) 956-6539

On the riding side, the ORBE Program uses a “train the trainer” model to teach school staff or interested volunteers how to lead kids on off-road bicycle rides. Alternatively, the program may also be able to provide an instructor to run classes directly for kids during PE classes or after school. Program visits can be designed to best serve your needs.

Program content includes:

  • Basic bicycle riding technique and safety instruction
  • Basic off-road maneuvers and skills instruction
  • Basic mechanical instruction

NOTE: Bicycles are NOT provided. To participate in the riding portion of the ORBE Program, schools need to either involve kids who have bicycles or have a fleet available for use. Contact Outdoor Sports Institute (not affiliated with BCM) if you are interested in renting a fleet.

On the trail building side, the ORBE program can provide technical assistance to create simple, sustainable multi-use trails according to best practice principles. Trails can be built on school grounds or elsewhere in the community. Trail construction is fun, active, and something kids love to do! Does your school have a wood lot on it? Would you like to work with local landowners? The ORBE Program can help provide you with the info you need to create low-cost, sustainable walking, running, biking and snowshoeing trails using IMBA Trail Design standards and techniques. The ORBE program can help you plan and set up a trail day! Let your students feel the pride of helping to create a long lasting community resource that they get to enjoy as well.

Program content includes:

  • Basic design principles of trails
  • Basic trail layout processes
  • Basic trail construction, including creating corridors, treadways and erosion control features.

We are highlighting schools but this opportunity is open to non-school organizations and folks of all ages too.

To request information or a visit, contact Erik daSilva at: or (207) 956-6539