Lobster Ride Success

Thanks for registering for our ride. We’re looking forward to riding with you on July 21st in Rockland!

For many of our riders, the Lobster Ride is their first time riding in an organized event. Riding among hundreds of riders is very different from riding alone and presents some new safety challenges. Furthermore, the rainy spring was especially hard on our roads. Please use extra care and vigilance.

We have a new video called “Safety Guidelines for Organized Bike Rides”. Please watch our video before you ride the Lobster Ride. Please also see our safety tips below and consult our Group Ride Guidelines to ensure a safe event for all.


Safety Tips:

Ride Smart

Be Alert. Be aware of riders around you. Avoid overlapping wheels. Using aerobars while among a group is prohibited. Helmets are required, and they should be snug and level on the head.

Be Predictable

Look before you make a move. Riders and motorists expect you to ride in a straight line and at a consistent speed. Avoid sudden changes in speed or lane position. Scan behind and to the side before changing position.

Avoid Riding More than Two Abreast

Ride single or double file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions. While riding two abreast is not illegal in Maine, please exercise your rights with respect for other users. Please fall back into single file as a courtesy to motorists on this ride.

Choose Proper Lane Positioning

Generally, you should ride 2 to 4 feet from the edge of pavement, depending upon the condition of the road’s edge. Maine law permits bikes to ride in the travel lane, as far right as is practicable. Move to the left and take the lane to set up for left turns or as needed to avoid unsafe situations. Never cross yellow center lines. Use paved shoulders when it is safe to do so. Be courteous and make room for cars when it is safe to do so.

Be Visible

Wear bright colors. Maine law requires cyclists to use lights in darkness, and lights are recommended in reduced visibility conditions.


Clearly communicate to other riders changes in speed or direction, road hazards, pedestrians and vehicles. Call out “car back,” “slowing,” or “stopping” as needed. Communicate calls throughout the group. Coordinate group turns and moves. Ear buds interfere with group communication and safety awareness and should not be used.


Be Courteous at Intersections

Respect traffic signs and signals. Slow and stop at yellow lights. Don’t fall into herd mentality—be responsible for your own safety.

Don’t Pass on Right

Always pass other bicyclists on the left and alert them when you are passing. Gather behind the last car in line at intersections. Although Maine law permits a cyclist to pass cars on the right at an intersection, such behavior is discouraged in group rides as a courtesy to motorists.

Don’t Block Traffic When Stopping—Get Fully Off Road If You Stop

Plan regroup points at locations away from intersections. If you need to stop for any length of time, move as far off the travel lane as possible.