MaineDOT Workplan Resources

Maine Department of Transportation 3-Year Workplan Resources

Yyd7HVyMSsHLkJHkCdvXJqwNh9pOT-ktndZIUsIGEtcA big factor in whether a bicycle and pedestrian facility (e.g. a paved shoulder, a sidewalk, a bike lane, shared-lane marking, signage, etc) can be brought to your town is whether a state (DOT) construction project is planned for your community in the next three years. The DOT workplan is an important source of information for community groups such as Bike/Ped Committees or Active Community Environment (ACE) Teams that want to advocate for the inclusion of biking and walking facilities in upcoming road construction projects. Before construction begins, there is always time to have conversations and galvanize support for addressing bicycle and pedestrian enhancements as part of these projects.

Click HERE for the Maine DOT’s 3-year Workplan homepage

Click HERE for the complete written Workplan Document.

  • This lists each capital (construction) project for each town planned for 2014 – 2016.
    • The 2014 projects are funded. The 2015 and 2016 projects are in the cue for funding in each respective year.
    • You can do a Search in this document by pressing CTRL-F to see what projects are listed for your locality.

Click HERE for The Interactive Workplan.

  • This lets you search for projects in the 3-year workplan by municipality.

Click HERE for the DOT’s Map Viewer.

  • This website is helpful if you are seeking information about upcoming state road construction projects are for your area.
  • Type a town name into the search field; any roads with bolded areas are in the workplan.
  • Click on the bolded road and then click on the Results tab on the right to see more detail about the project.
  • This tool can also identify the type and jurisdiction of any existing road in your town.