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Become a Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Instructor! The Maine Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program is always looking for bicycle riders with presentation skills and a passion for riding to help us educate kids and adults about how to ride bikes safely for fun, health and transportation. You should join us! 


Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education (BPSE) Presenter Training

Learn how to present the Maine DOT/Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education curriculum. Thanks to the Maine Department of Transportation, this presentation has been made around the state to tens of thousands of school kids over the last five years, and is key to promoting safety on our roadways. It’s one of the reasons Maine was designated as the second most Bike Friendly State in the nation in 2011!

  • The nationally recognized curriculum covers easy to understand points about helmet fitting, dress, basic mechanical checks and the rules of the road, as well as pedestrian specific information.
  • The curriculum is designed to be presented to 20-40 students in a single course period, but other formats (including assembly presentations) are possible.
  • This presentation content can be easily adapted for older audiences. Have you ever been asked to talk about bicycle safety simply because someone knows you’re a bicycle rider?  Know the BPSE script and you will always be ready to cover that presentation.
  • Length of Training: 1 Hour with League Cycling Instructor certification (LCI, see below), 4 hours without LCI certification.
  • This presentation can be requested on demand for any group of five or more interested persons. 

Training schedule coming soon!

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Bike Skills Fair or “Rodeo” Coordinator Training

Bike rodeos are popular community events that actually get kids riding and they are a great complement to the Bike/Ped Safety Education Program! The Bicycle Coalition of Maine offers a training in how to coordinate a bicycle rodeo event, including who and what you’ll need, and how to set up the event stations (eg. Helmet and bike condition check, skills activities) and how to use a line chalker to draw out a traffic pattern course on which kids can practice the basics of safe vehicular riding.

Length of Training: 2.5 hours

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After School Bicycle Club Coordinator Training

This training provides you with the information necessary to launch an After School Bike Club at your local school. It covers logistical info on how to identify and work with a school champion, get permissions, manage a group ride of kids, deal with rainy days and includes a ride.

Length of Training: 2.5 hours

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League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Training

The League of American Bicyclist’s LCI certification is currently the highest bicycle education credential available in the US. It requires significant commitment of time (30 hours total) and money (about $275).  In many respects, it is like getting certified in lifesaving or first aid.  The certification process requires that you join the LAB, and first take a 9 hour Traffic Skills 101 Class provided by Bicycle Coalition LCIs. You then sign up for the next in-state LCI seminar (21 hours) to complete your training.  The whole process is usually done over two weekends—one Saturday for the TS 101 class, and then an entire weekend for the LCI seminar.

With an LCI certification, a person can work with the Maine Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program to:

  • To provide bicycle and pedestrian safety education in a variety of contexts.
  • to lead entry level group education rides, including After School Bike Clubs and adult rides (preferably spandex free)
  • to teach the Worksite/Commuter Bicycle Promotion Program.
  • to help us come up with some other good bicycle safety education program ideas!

Length of Training: 30 hours

Training Schedule coming soon!