The Maine Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program

The Maine Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education (BPSE) Program is dedicated to educating bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists on the safe use of transportation infrastructure to improve safety and reduce injuries and deaths.

The program provides bicycle and pedestrian education to over ten thousand kids and adults annually. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Program provides presentations that teach people the basics of safe walking and bicycling in schools, at community events and other venues.

In addition, the program coordinates and trains people in After School Bike Clubs and Bike Safety Skill Rodeos for Maine school children, and provides worksite presentations for adults. The program also works with local law enforcement agencies to review and enforce the specific laws that pertain to bicycle operation in Maine, provides technical assistance to local bike/ped committees, and distributes a variety of print and electronic educational resources (handouts, Public Service Announcements, streamable videos, etc).


Bike/Ped Safety Education Videos and Resources

Presentations at Community Events and Meetings

The Maine BPSE Program can provide instructors who can speak about bicycle and pedestrian safety at community events, boy and girl scout meetings, community organization (Rotary, Kiwanis, Masons, etc) meetings, and at other events. Special presentation requests (e.g. keynote or luncheon addresses) by program staff at conventions, conferences and annual meetings are also invited.

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School Based Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Education

School Based SafetyA 30-50 minute presentation that has been given to tens of thousands of school kids over the last five years. For Bicyclists: 1) Wear A Helmet (includes fitting info); 2) Dress Bright and Tight for Riding 3) Do an Air, Brakes, Chain and Quick Check Before You Ride; 4) Follow the Rules of the Road (especially, ride with traffic and obey lights and signs).  For Walkers: 1) Be Alert 2) Be Visible and Predictable; 3) Walk Against Traffic or On the Sidewalks; 4) Use Crosswalks and Lights. 

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Be A Safe Bike Driver

Be a Safe Walker

Rules for Bicyclists and Motorists

For Kids: Youth Bicycle Riding Clubs

Bicycle handling skills are the most important component of crash avoidance and bike safety. Based out of schools, YMCAs, and Recreation Departments, this non-competitive lifestyle activity program gets kids out riding on roads with trained leaders to learn the skills for safe bicycle riding. The Program offers training to local volunteer leaders and support riders, and can in some cases provide a ride leader. Usually runs for 4-6 weeks.

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For Kids: Bicycle Safety Rodeos

Bike safety rodeos are popular community events that actually get kids riding and they are a great complement to the Bike/Ped Safety Education Program! This program offers technical assistance and training in how to coordinate a bicycle rodeo event, including info on who and what you’ll need, how to set up the event stations (eg. Registration, helmet check, bike condition check, etc.) and how to use a line chalker to draw out a traffic pattern course on which kids can practice the basics of vehicular riding.   Picture: bpse4rdeo.jpg

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Draft Bicycle Rodeo Resource

For Adults: Worksite Bicycle Commuter Promotion

Maine’s Worksite Bicycle Program offers presentations and technical assistance to businesses interested in promoting safe bicycling among employees for transit, recreation and wellness. The program is extremely flexible, and is designed to fit into your schedules, spaces and formats.  Businesses can get up to three sessions and a mentored ride, or can just select the info that best suits their needs “a la carte” topic menu. 

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Worksite Presentation Content Outline

For Adults: Law Presentations

The Maine BPSE Program offers presentations to law enforcement departments and other interested groups to review the traffic codes pertaining to bicycles in Maine. Trainings can include modules presented by current law enforcement officers. The Bicycles and the Law presentation also provides an overview of our Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Presentation curriculum. 

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For Adults: Bike/Ped Committee Technical Assistance

The Maine BPSE Program provides education and technical assistance to town staff, bike-pedestrian committees, interested residents and public works employees on the types of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs available to communities, and the processes involved in their planning and implementation.

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For Adults: On Bike Riding Classes

The Maine BPSE Program can provide instructors who can help individuals and groups develop safe bicycle riding skills in fun, slow, and spandex-free on-bike classes.

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