Toolkit Overview 

The Community Spokes Toolkit is an introduction to the processes of bike/ped advocacy.

We know the process of working for change in your community can seem daunting. We’ve been through it. We’re hoping this toolkit will make the process easier for you than it was for us!   You don’t have to jump right in with a major initiative. You can start small, by attending meetings or showing up at community events as a Coalition representative. Let this be fun. It will be fun, because you’ll be doing something good for your community around something you love—bicycling and walking! You’ll meet people you like and attend some fun events. Explore a bit. The key concept is to get you out there in your community, speaking and listening for folks who want to support more biking and walking.

The information in this toolkit will help give you some confidence as you consider the issues facing your community, because it provides a way to develop a plan. You don’t need to redesign your town or fight City Hall. You can do what you feel comfortable doing. Anything you do to help build an awareness of bicycle culture in Maine is ultimately serving the goal of the Community Spokes program and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.