How can I increase the value of my bike?

You can increase the value of your bicycle by following a few simple steps:

  • Wipe your bike down with a damp rag, giving it a basic cleaning
  • Complete an ABC Quick Check
  • Ride it around the block to make sure there’s nothing wrong

There will be volunteer Price and Condition Advisors who can help you price your bike when you drop it off at the Swap. Even though you might include accessories with the bike, please keep in mind that these might not increase the value to perspective buyers.

Bikes that are in unsafe mechanical condition will be deemed “unrideable” by Swap mechanics and will have a “Bike Not Rideable” sticker placed on their sales tags. This policy is in place to protect Swap attendees from test riding unsafe bicycles. These bikes may still be sold, but buyers will understand that they should not be ridden in their current condition.

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