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Maine Cycling Club Supports Bicycle Safety in Lewiston/Auburn

By August 31, 2015Speak up for Biking

We’re happy to share this Guest Post from Joe Pelliccia, A Bicycle Coalition of Maine Community Spoke and Board Member of the Maine Cycling Club, based in Auburn.

Maine Cycling Club Supports Bicycle Safety in Lewiston/Auburn

As a major effort to support and enhance safe bicycling in the Lewiston/Auburn Area, the Maine Cycling Club (MCC) would like to announce the following three initiatives, funded, in part, by our two large anonymous contributions:
First, the MCC has partnered this summer with the Auburn and Lewiston Police Departments and Dairy Joy to provide “Good Bike Citizen” ice cream vouchers for local youth. Officers from the two police departments can hand out the vouchers, which are exchangeable for free soft serve ice cream at either the Lewiston or Auburn Dairy Joys, whenever they see youths showing responsible behavior on their bikes (riding with helmets, not crossing the street dangerously, not bothering pedestrians on the sidewalks, etc.)  Officers from both police departments feel that the program will help strengthen community relations as well as provide incentives for youth bike riders to ride safely and responsibly.
Second, the MCC has purchased and donated 11 bike racks to be placed at:

  • Auburn City Hall
  • Lewiston City Hall
  • Pettingill Playground, Lewiston
  • The YMCA
  • Washburn School
  • Walton School
  • Franklin School
  • BusyTown Bikes
  • Rainbow Bikes

We anticipate sponsoring a second round of bike rack donations next year.  We would like to reach out to the Lewiston School Department as well as schools in the communities in which our members live. Other locations could include libraries or youth organizations which would be in line with the anonymous donor’s intent to support youth cycling.  If you have a suggestion as to who might benefit from a donated bike rack, please send it to Joe P ( who will collect the suggestions for a decision to be made next year.
Finally, the club is in the process of putting together a request to local public works departments to install bike safety signs.  MaineDOT has made free signs available to local communities and our support could be used to help defray installation costs.  If you have suggestions for sign locations please send them to