130th Maine State Legislature

The following lists include bills that the Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM) supports or is monitoring. Monitored bills are those that we believe could impact our ability to make Maine a better place to walk and roll. The BCM will follow these bills closely and will provide testimony for or against, and with recommendations as necessary.

2021 is the 130th meeting of the Maine State Legislature. The First Regular Session of the year convened on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, and statutory adjournment is June 16, 2021.

If you have come across a bill with bike/ped implications not listed here, please contact jim@bikemaine.org.
If you would like to work with the BCM to provide testimony, please contact eliza@bikemaine.org.

Note: LR stands for “Legislative Request” number, these are assigned by the Revisor of Statutes when a request for a Bill is made. LR numbers are used to track a Bill until it is printed as a “Legislative Document” or LD. Official Bill language is not available until they have become LD’s.
For more information about the path of legislation in Maine, click here.

The BCM Supports:

LD 40: “Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 305: Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Traffic Movement Permits, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Transportation”
This bill will require that developments that cause a significant increase in motor vehicle traffic consider the impacts on bicycle and pedestrian access and safety. The BCM was involved in the process of re-writing the traffic movement permits language with the DOT.

LD 806: “An Act to Clarify that Municipal Officers May Accept a Proposed, Unaccepted Way for Pedestrian, Bicycle, and other Non-Motorized Use”
This bill will allow public access to paper streets increasing public green space and greater off-street connectivity for pedestrians and people on bikes.

LD 821: “An Act To Improve the Investigation and Prosecution of Cases That Involve Vulnerable Road Users” 
This bill seeks to remedy the problem that tickets and charges are rarely brought against drivers who injure or kill “vulnerable users” when crashes occur.

LD 1109: “An Act To Align Equipment Requirements for Electric Bicycles with National Manufacturing Standards”
This bill will align Maine law with national industry standards for electric bikes.

LD 1110: “An Act To Clarify the Authority To Manage Electric Bicycle Access to Off-road Trails”
This bill will clarify where e-bikes may be ridden in off-road contexts and who is responsible for making that decision.

The BCM Opposes:

LD 1230: “An Act To Enhance Traffic Safety with Regard to the Operation of Bicycles on Public Ways”
This bill infringes on bicyclists’ rights to the road and makes passing groups of riders more dangerous.

The BCM is Monitoring:

LD 165: “An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Provide Necessary Maintenance and Upgrades for State Parks and Historic Sites”
This bill could provide funding for improvements to trails, walkways, and bikeways. 

LD 446: “An Act to Re-establish the State Planning Office”
This bill could have implications on how communities are developed and the inclusion of active transportation planning. 

LD 669: “An Act To Ensure Public Ways Are Compliant with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990”
This bill would put federal ADA guidelines into Maine law to ensure that all construction, maintenance, and repair projects on public ways address everyone’s mobility and safety needs.

LD 672: “Resolve, to Study the Feasibility of Building a Trail on the Mountain Division Trail Line”
This bill would coordinate and support efforts to develop 28-miles of paved multi-use trail and increase connectivity for various modes of active transportation.

LD 1133: “An Act To Amend the Transportation Laws”
If amended, this bill could place greater emphasis on bike/ped infrastructure.

Bills Involving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
We support and recognize the significance of these bills for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in Maine state policy and the lives of all Maine residents. 

LD 2: “An Act To Require the Inclusion of Racial Impact Statements in the Legislative Process”

LD 183: “An Act To Establish Juneteenth as a Paid State Holiday”

LD 286: “An Act To Make Election Day a State Holiday”

LD 585: “An Act To Restore to the Penobscot Nation and Passamaquoddy Tribe the Authority To Exercise Jurisdiction under the Federal Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010”