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Public Comment on Striping Changes on Washington Ave and Forest Ave

By May 17, 2016Our Position

Dear Members of the Portland City Council,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed striping changes along Forest Avenue from Morrill Street to Pleasant Avenue and along Washington Avenue from Ocean Avenue to Presumpscot Street.

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is a statewide organization that works to make Maine better for bicycling and walking. We support projects and polices that create safe and welcoming places for those traveling on foot or bike.
We are writing to support the proposed changes to the road configuration, parking, signage, and pavement markings. These changes will improve safety for all road users on two important travel corridors. Washington Avenue and Forest Avenue are critical missing sections of Portland’s bicycle network. The changes proposed will increase transportation options on a major travel corridor at minimal to no cost, since they are being done in conjunction with city paving and striping projects this summer.

Our members and supporters want streets in their neighborhood that are friendly and welcoming to bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, car drivers, children on their way to school, older adults who need more time to cross the street, and families that want the streets near their homes to balance the needs of all users – not just prioritize motor vehicle traffic speed and capacity.
Again, thank you for the opportunity to comment. Sincerely,
Jim Tasse
Assistant Director
Bicycle Coalition of Maine
Abby King
Advocacy Manager
Bicycle Coalition of Maine