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2015 ranks highest year for pedestrian deaths in almost two decades (Video)

By December 24, 2015Coalition News

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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — 2015 recorded the most pedestrian deaths in Maine since 1997. According to the Maine Department of Transportation, on average 10 pedestrians are killed in Maine per year. In 2015 that number almost doubled, at 18 deaths.
The Maine DOT and The Bicycle Coalition of Maine said they are not sure why the number jumped in 2015.
“We really haven’t found any trends to tell us whats happening and why,” said Ted Talbot, DOT Director of Communications. “We continue to look for trends and we just hope the public safety aspect of this and as people become more aware of it, they’ll become more aware of it and try to stay more safe.”
The department is also encouraging pedestrians to be more aware of what they are wearing. It is best to wear clothes that stick out to drivers, like bright colors or those with reflectors on them, especially at night.
“Pay a lot more attention out there and expect pedestrians to be both where they’re legally, you know, enabled to be, such as cross walks but also in just unexpected places as well” said James Tasse, Bike Coalition of Maine.
State police said none of the pedestrian deaths were children.