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July 2015

Project envisions city becoming bike-friendly (KeepME Current)

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The city of South Portland was chosen by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine to be the inaugural community in its new “Imagine Bikes Here” campaign, which creates temporary bicycle lanes on municipal streets to show how communities can become more bike-friendly.
Last week, with the blessing of city officials, the coalition installed a temporary, 6-foot wide bike lane on Cottage Road, between Walnut and Mitchell streets, in the Meetinghouse Hill neighborhood.
On July 22, coalition staff and volunteers created the first in what will be a series of temporary demonstration biking and walking facilities that will be installed in various communities throughout the year, according to Jim Tassé, assistant director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.
He said the goal of these demonstration projects, which are being funded with a grant from People for Bikes, is “to show the public and municipal decision makers that improving bicycling and walking conditions can often be inexpensive and incredibly simple.
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South Portland project puts bike lanes to real-time test (The Forecaster)

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SOUTH PORTLAND — The city and Bicycle Coalition of Maine have created two temporary bicycle and walking lanes on Cottage Road as part of a pilot campaign to demonstrate how inexpensive and easy the process can be.

The hope is that if successful, the project will lead to establishment of additional permanent bike lanes throughout the city.
The Imagine Bikes Here launch is part of a larger, 18-month project that will include temporary bike and pedestrian lanes in five municipalities.
The opportunity to install bike lanes was made possible by a $5,000 grant from People for Bikes, a Colorado-based nonprofit. Read More

Bicycle Coalition talks safety with Bethel residents (Oxford Hills Sun Journal)

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MATTHEW DAIGLE, Staff Writer | Oxford Hills
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 6:15 pm
BETHEL – The assistant director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine advised selectmen and other residents Monday night that there needs to be some give and take between motorists and bicyclists.
Jim Tasse was invited to address the board after it approved three signs last month for the beginning of Vernon, North and Intervale roads, warning drivers to keep 3 feet away from cyclists. A month later, the board voted 4-1 to reconsider its vote, after residents said some cyclists ride side-by-side or three abreast at times, which makes it difficult for motorists to pass them or give them space.
Tasse said he heard that “there is some heartburn in the community about group rides using narrow roads in the area”
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Maine Bike Advocates Applaud Passage of Safety Bill (MPBN)

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AUGUSTA, Maine – Advocates for Maine’s bicyclists and pedestrians are celebrating one of the rare examples of political harmony in Augusta: passage of a bill designed to make Maine roads safer for those who are traveling on two wheels or by foot.
The junction of Franklin Arterial and Marginal Way is Portland’s busiest intersection. Twenty lanes of traffic converge on the edge of the downtown district of Maine’s largest city. To miss a green light here can be frustrating, especially if you’re in a hurry, says Brian Allenby.
Allenby is with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, a strong supporter of LD 1301 – An Act To Improve the Safety of Vulnerable Users in Traffic and To Clarify the Responsibilities of Bicyclists and Pedestrians.
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Road Diets Across Maine

By | Speak up for Biking

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine and our network of local advocates are becoming increasingly involved with “road diets” or reconfigurations that reduce the number or width of vehicle lanes on roads across Maine. Want to learn more about what a road diet is and how it benefits safety for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and helps improve local economies? Check out this video from our friends at Streetfilms.

Moving Beyond the Automobile: Road Diets from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.