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June 2016

Bold Coast sees chance to make region bicycle tourism destination

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MACHIAS, Maine — Bicycling means business.
That was the theme of a meeting held June 15 to plan for the development, promotion and management of long-term bicycle tourism opportunities in the Bold Coast region.
Hosted by the Washington County Council of Governments, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and DownEast & Acadia Regional Tourism, the meeting included 17 participants representing Washington County communities and organizations. The group plans to build on the fact that BikeMaine 2016 will bring 400 riders and 75 support personnel to the Bold Coast Sept. 10-17. The event will allow businesses and community organizations in the area to identify ways to serve bicycle tourists in the future.
“We are being offered this opportunity that is unique,” said Crystal Hitchings, regional planner and grant administrator for the Washington County Council of Governments and DownEast & Acadia Regional Tourism. “If we are successful, it will be a model for the bicycle coalition to use throughout the state.”
BikeMaine was started in 2013 by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, a nonprofit founded in 1992 to make Maine a better place for bicycling and walking. Each year, the event organizers choose a course somewhere in Maine for the one-week tour, traditionally starting the Saturday after Labor Day.
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New guide aims to make the road safer for bicyclists (Video)

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SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) — A new guide for police is aiming to make the roads safer for bicyclist and pedestrians.
The new guide is called the Law Enforcement Reference Guide.
It was developed by law enforcement officers, transportation officials, bicycle commuters, and bicycle education experts.
It’s a quick resource officers can turn to, to look up potential violations for bicycle riders and motorists.
In 2015, 276 pedestrians and 182 bicyclists were involved in crashes with a vehicle.
“So really, the end goal of this effort and this campaign is to try and reduce those numbers, to reduce those crashes, to reduce the impact, and enhance the motoring public safety here on the road ways,” says Lt. Frank Clark, South Portland Police Dept.
On Wednesday, a number of local police departments will be on patrol, paying particular attention to behaviors that put walkers, bicyclists and pedestrians at risk on our roadways.

New guide helps protect both bicyclists and drivers (Video)

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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A new guide is helping local law enforcement officers keep everyone on the streets safer this summer.
The “Law Enforcement Reference Guide” was created with help from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. It lists a number of common infractions made by bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers when all are sharing the road.
Police refer to it as a kind of “cheat sheet” that helps them to see a violation, and quickly refer to the statute they can site a person under.
So far, the police departments using the guide on focused traffic enforcement include South Portland, Portland, Yarmouth, Scarborough and the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Bicycle Coalition of Maine and Maine Police Roll Out New Enforcement Resource and Campaign

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PORTLAND, Maine – The Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s Law Enforcement Collaborative is announcing the distribution of its Law Enforcement Reference Guide, as well as a coordinated bicycle, pedestrian and motorist law enforcement detail dedicated to improving safety for vulnerable users. These efforts com e at that time of year that sees increases in the numbers of vulnerable users on our roadways. In 2015, 276 pedestrians and 182 bicyclists were involved in crashes with motor vehicles, resulting in 19 pedestrian fatalities.


The Bicycle Coalition of Maine Law Enforcement Collaborative is a committee made up of law enforcement officers, transportation officials, bicycle commuters, attorneys, and bicycle education experts. The Collaborative meets monthly to discuss the challenges and realities of enforcing laws concerning bicyclists and pedestrians. The committee’s goal is to identify strategies to promote roadway safety for vulnerable users through education and enforcement.


The Law Enforcement Reference Guide was developed by the Law Enforcement Collaborative to provide officers on patrol with a convenient reference to the priority violations and pertinent laws that regulate the behavior of motorists and bicyclists. The double-sided resource, endorsed by the Maine Sheriff’s Association, and the Maine Association of Police, lists violations for bicyclists on one side, and violations for motorists on the other.


In conjunction with the release of this new resource, a number of Greater Portland police departments, including Portland, South Portland, Yarmouth, Scarborough and the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting traffic enforcement details emphasizing the safety of vulnerable users. On June 15, these police agencies will be on patrol and paying particular attention to behaviors that put walkers, bicyclists and other more vulnerable persons at risk on our roadways. These efforts are intended to raise awareness and to gain voluntary compliance to the rules of the road, enhancing safety and reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities.


For more information or to schedule a possible ride along during this enforcement effort, please contact:


  • Bicycle Coalition of Maine: Jim Tasse – 207.623.4511
  • Cumberland County SO: Det. Stephen Gorham – 207.774.1444 ext. 2171
  • Portland PD: Sgt. Michael Rand – 207.874.8554
  • Scarborough PD: Sgt. John O’Malley – 207.730.4306
  • South Portland PD: Lt. Frank Clark – 207.799.5511 ext. 7242
  • Yarmouth PD: Lt. Dean Perry – 207.846-3333

Click here to download a PDF copy of the guide.