BCM Interprets Bicycle Shops as Essential Businesses Under State and Municipal Closure Orders

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The Bicycle Coalition of Maine believes that bicycle shops are “essential businesses” and should be permitted to remain open under the language of the Governor’s Executive Order as well as the proclamations of Bangor and Portland.  

To make this status more explicit, we have applied for “essential business” status on behalf of the bicycle service industry, and are urging the state and municipalities to add “bicycle shops” to the list of essential businesses exempted from closure orders.  

Under the Governor’s Executive Order, even non-essential businesses that practice strong physical distancing techniques—such as ones many bike shops have already implemented—may continue operating.

The Coalition has also sent appeals directly to the Governor’s office, the Commissioner of Health and Human Services, the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation, the Department of Economic and Community Development, the Director of Portland Comprehensive Transportation Services, and to the Cities of Bangor and Portland. 

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