Our Plan to make Maine Better for Bicycling: Strategic Plan 2015-2019

Our Mission: Making Maine better for bicycling and walking


Maine is a place where bicycling and walking are safe, supported, widespread activities enjoyed by residents and visitors of all ages. Maine is renowned for bicycling and walking!

Values and Beliefs:

  1. Bicycling and walking are fun lifelong activities that should be accessible to everyone.
  2. The Coalition seeks and values the views of all people who bicycle and walk in Maine.
  3. Maine’s communities, health, economy and environmental sustainability are improved by bicycling and walking.
  4. Bicycling and walking are essential modes of transportation.
  5. Roadways and trails can be safe for all users with appropriate design, timely maintenance, effective policy and equitable law enforcement.
  6. Bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists deserve mutual respect.
  7. Bicycling and walking merit cultural, financial and political support.
  8. All Mainers and our visitors need to be educated about the laws that govern bicycling, walking and driving.
  9. Maine‘s beautiful geography presents extraordinary opportunities for bicycling and walking, both on and off road, that should be celebrated, preserved and expanded.


  1. Infrastructure: Increase safe, accessible and inviting bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure throughout Maine.
  2. Advocacy: Provide leadership and inspire activism for effective policies, programs and projects that have a positive impact on bicycling and walking in Maine.
  3. Education: Ensure that Maine bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists have the knowledge and skills to safely share the road.
  4. Encouragement: Encourage new bicyclists and seasoned enthusiasts through a range of traditional and innovative rides and events.
  5. Enforcement: Strengthen enforcement of bicycle and pedestrian law through expanded education and training with Maine law enforcement officers, attorneys and prosecutors.
  6. Reputation: Elevate Maine’s reputation as a bicycle and pedestrian friendly state and an extraordinary bicycling and walking tourism destination.
  7. Leadership: Advance the Coalition’s role and growth as the leading organization making Maine better for bicycling and walking.

Please read our complete Strategic Plan. If you want to help us achieve our goals, please join the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. We have strength in numbers.

Our Events:

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