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Bicycle Coalition does PARK(ing) Day the two-wheel way (PPH)

By September 20, 2013Coalition News, Events


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Bicycle Coalition does PARK(ing) Day the two-wheel way

Friday September 20, 2013 | 09:09 AM

Employees and volunteers for the Bicycle Coalition of Maine were out and about in front of the 34 Preble St. Portland location bright and early this morning to get ready for PARK(ing) Day. What they accomplished by 8 a.m. was to make the two vehicle parking spots in front of their office worth a visit today for anyone who has an interest in bikes – or milkshakes.

In case you’re not familiar, PARK(ing) Day is an international event when businesses, artists and regular citizens turn metered parking spaces into temporary public parks for a day. About 20 such “parks” are expected to be set up in Portland today. (To see Shannon Bryan’s slideshow on click here.)

The BCM’s park includes a make-your-own-milkshake opportunity for anyone who wants to spend a few minutes expelling the energy it takes to get the pedal-operated blender to churn. BCM’s Brian Allenby warns that it isn’t easy but an extra incentive is that riders will be blending away with Mount Desert Island Ice Cream.

Other reasons to stop by are a tune-up station where cyclists can get tires checked and chains greased, a living room complete with a bike seat chair and plenty of bike-related reading material, bike-part sculptures and the chance to hang on a great day with the cool folks from BCM.

They’ll be there until 5 p.m. today and here’s betting you can already tell that today’s a day you’ll want to escape the office a little bit early.