Old Town

"welcome to the ride!"

Arrival Day-September 12th

Old Town

Organized as a town in 1840, and made a city in 1891, the City of Old Town is a unique island community that sits on the edge of the Great Northern Woods, on several islands in the Penobscot and Stillwater Rivers. Since the early days, the City has held a close relationship with its surrounding waters, and has a rich history of log drives, water powered sawmills, canoe building, and other wood commodities production, hydropower and more. In 1836, these flourishing river activities were key in the development of the railroad between Old Town and Bangor.

Today, a thriving residential community of 7,840, the City of Old Town’s surrounding acres of forest and pristine waters attract outdoor enthusiasts from hunters to anglers, hikers and canoeists, bird watchers, and photographers. The wildlife population abounds with deer, bear, moose and coyote; and more than 50 miles of rivers and streams, accessible year-round, are known nationwide for smallmouth bass.

Amid this scenic beauty, the City of Old Town is a bustling industrial community, offering access to transportation, a trained workforce, diverse population, and a progressive, forward-thinking municipal administration. Old Town has a strong economic base, business support, advanced infrastructure, and a desirable quality of life which promotes growth and investment for both businesses and residents alike. The Mission of the City of Old Town is to provide and promote a safe, affordable community with quality public services; and to foster future growth, while maintaining its cultural heritage. 

Old Town is probably most well known for being the birthplace of Old Town Canoes, and the company still has a production facility there. BikeMaine riders will have lots of chances to connect to the town’s history and natural beauty as we camp in Binette Park, on the banks of the Penobscot river, and in the heart of downtown.