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Celebrating National Bike To Work Day (WGME – Video)


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Celebrating National Bike To Work Day

PORTLAND (WGME) — Friday is definitely a day to take the road less traveled and swap your four wheeled vehicles for two wheels.  It’s National Bike to Work Day and definitely a day to remember we all must share the road.

Jim Tasse of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine says when you’re finally moving you need to ride on the right with traffic, and be as predictable as possible in your movement.  Always use hand signals to show where you are going and obey all traffic signals and signs. You also want to leave at least three feet between you and parked cars and watch out for debris. 

He also stresses that drivers need to be aware, be patient, and share the road.  “It’s really important to understand a car can be a lethal weapon. What you might think of as some sort of gesture to you know teach a cyclist a lesson or even you’re just in a hurry and you’re trying to get by that cyclist can actually put that cyclist at grave risk of injury or death.”

Tasse also says before you hit the road make sure you are wearing a helmet and bright visible clothing that will not get caught in your chain or pedals.