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Coalition Announces Community Spokes Training

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is going to be offering its “Community Spokes” training on November 13, 2012.  Would you or someone you know like to join us for a day of fun, learning, and planning for a more bike-and walk-friendly Maine?

Simply put, the Community Spokes are people who are interested in promoting bicycle and pedestrian access and safety in Maine.  They are people who work to create “Active Community Environments”, which encourage physically active lifestyles and stimulate economic vitality. 

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s training seeks to provide community volunteers (and interested professionals) with more knowledge about bike/ped/trail facilities, funding, programming, and processes, as well as with the advocacy techniques that help to mobilize people in support of more walkable and bikeable towns.   The Community Spokes multiply the power of the bike, trail, and pedestrian advocacy movement in Maine by making things happen right down at the grassroots level, town by town.  

The training on November 13 will include information about bike/ped facilities, and will include a bike/ped audit so you can begin developing an idea for what is possible in your community.  It will also include brainstorming on possible projects in your community—and practice developing a message and pitching it to a potential stakeholder. 

If you’d like to become “Community Spoke”, please drop an email to Jim or Nancy and we’ll send you registration form. We will be running a full-day training for our Spokes on November 13 in Augusta.  

Thanks for your interest in and dedication to the bicycle movement!