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Fill Out MaineDOT's Public Opinion Survey!

Do you wish that biking and walking on roads in Maine were safer and easier? The Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) is asking for YOUR input for their statewide long-range transportation plan.  Your answers will affect the way the Department sets goals, objectives, and strategies for future transportation projects in Maine.

Please fill out the MaineDOT’s Public Opinion Survey on long-range transportation needs. This is your opportunity to help shape the future biking and walking in Maine!

As a supporter of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, we hope you will take this opportunity to share your thoughts on the next 20 years of transportation priorities here in Maine.

We hope you’ll mention biking and walking when you give your input. Here’s what we would like to see in the MaineDOT’s plan:

  • A statewide transportation system that addresses the needs of all road users, not just those in cars.
  • Infrastructure that creates safe and inviting places to bike and walk, such as sidewalks, crosswalks, paved shoulders, bike lanes, multi-use paths, trails, and other facilities.
  • Infrastructure that emphasizes safety for all road users by calming vehicular traffic.

Please take five minutes to speak up for better biking and walking in Maine by filling out the MaineDOT’s Public Opinion SurveyThe survey will be open during the months of June and July 2014.