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2012 Lobster Ride FAQs

By July 11, 2012Events, Travel


How do I get to the Lobster Ride?

The Lobster Ride starts and ends at Oceanside High School in Rockland Maine.
Google Maps can provide directions from your location, and Oceanside High School is easily visible from Broadway (U.S. 1A).

If you use a GPS, plug in this address:

Oceanside High School
400 Broadway
Rockland, ME 04841

Where do I sign in the day of the event?

Inside the gym at Oceanside Highschool in Rockland. There will be signs and volunteers to direct you  where to go.

Can I register the day of the event?

On-site registration will be available the day of the event at Oceanside Highschool in Rockland

Can I change my mind on which distance I ride?  

If you want to ride a different route from the one you signed up for, that’s no problem! When you check in, just ask your registration volunteer for the map and cue sheet of the route you would like to do.

 What does my registration include?

Aside from breathtaking routes, your registration comes with ride support and amenities. The ride itself includes several rest stops stocked with food and water, as well as mechanical and safety support at rest stops and through SAG wagons (link to safety question).

You also get your choice of blue or orange socks (but get there early so your color doesn’t run out!) You also will receive the lunch you signed up for with your registration. Showers are available for after the ride, and we will be screening the Tour de France in the lunch room.

Are there shower facilities available for riders’ use? 

Yes. There are showers in the high school locker rooms available for all riders.

How can I volunteer?

By filling out our volunteer form! We’d love to have you. Volunteers get a free volunteer tee-shirt, Lobster Ride socks and lunch as a token of our thanks.

Will the event be held if there is rain?

The Lobster Ride is a rain or shine event.  We will ride unless there are weather emergencies.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking in the lot of Oceanside High School. Volunteers will direct you. 

What should I bring?

Helmets are required. Bring a water bottle with water and/or sports drink. You’ll be able to replenish at rest stops.  Dress for a range of weather conditions. The coast can be extra cool and New England is famous for its changing weather.  We recommend layers. Don’t forget sunscreen! 

When should I arrive?

Come at least 30 minutes early for your departure time!

On-site check in and registration will open at 7:00am. We will stagger the departure times of each ride. 
The 100 Mile Riders will gather at 7:50 for an 8:00 am departure
the 50 Milers gather at 8:20 for a departure time of 8:30 am
30 Milers gather at 8:50 am for a 9 am departure
16 Mile Riders at 9:20 am for a 9:30 am departure

What safety precautions are being taken to protect riders?

Each ride will have a support (SAG) vehicle following the group should you need on-the-road mechanical help or a lift.  There will also be mechanical help at each rest stop.  Please follow the rules of the road, ride single file and do not ride with audio devises.

When and where will food be available?

Food is provided before the ride, (at the high school) at rest stops intermittently for all routes, and of course, after the ride. When you register, you can choose between a lobster roll, tuna roll, or a vegetarian lunch option.

What do I do upon ride return? 

Check in with us when you arrive. We want to know that you returned safely.  We will also give you your lunch ticket when you check in.  Then you can eat lunch and view  the last stage of the Tour de France on a wide screen TV.

Is there a time limit for each distance?

Only for the Century (100 mile riders).  The Century ride consists of 2 different 50 mile loops.  If you have not finished the first 50 mile loop by noon,  we will recommend that you finish your ride at 50 or 80 miles (instead of riding the second 50 mile loop,  ride the 30 mile route).  You may choose to continue riding the full 100 mile route, but if you continue on your own, rider services (rest stops, mechanical and SAG) may not be available and you’ll miss the post-ride fun.  The kitchen will close at 4:00 pm.

Where can I purchase Lobster Ride Jerseys and other merchandise? 

You can purchase merchandise when you register, or revisit the registration site and simply purchase merchandise. We will bring all the merchandise to the event, but clothing goes quickly, so act fast. Lobster Ride merchandise will be available for 2 weeks after the ride but then not again until next year!

What else can I do while I’m in the area?

Visit our website with suggestions on how to make a weekend of your lobster ride. You also get admission to local museums (Farnsworth Art Museum,  Maine Lighthouse Museum, Owls Head Transportation Museum) free with your registration!

Who puts on this event? What does the Bicycle Coalition of Maine do? Why should I become a member?

Since 1992, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine has been working to make Maine a better place to bicycle. Members play a huge role in the BCM events, legislative advocacy, and community advocacy that helps to rank Maine as one of the top ten most bike-friendly states in the country! You or your company can become members or volunteer.

How do I donate so this event can keep happening?

You can become a member and receive member discounts and other bonuses, or if you’re already a member, donate an additional amount to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

You didn’t answer my question. Who can I contact?

 Please call the office at  (207) 623-4511.  We are happy to answer any questions about our ride or our organization.