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Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) – Transportation Alternatives Program

The MaineDOT funds large comprehensive road projects that can include bicycle and pedestrian elements like bike lanes and crosswalks through a variety of state and federal sources. But MaineDOT funding for stand-alone bicycle and pedestrian project like a separate sidewalk construction project or multi-use trail are funded differently. These projects are funded by MaineDOT using federal dollars through the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). TAP funding is available to municipalities or groups of municipalities for planning or construction of local projects. Applications are taken on a rolling basis.
MaineDOT’s webpage outlines the process communities use to apply for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure project funding through TAP.

  • This program assists with funding sidewalks, pedestrian crossing improvements, off-road transportation- related trails, downtown transportation improvements, etc.
  • The goal of this program is to improve transportation and safety, and promote economic development.
  • MaineDOT receives about $2.3 million in federal funds annually for this program for the entire state.  Each project has a 20% local match requirement.