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MaineDOT Accepting Applications for Free New 3-Foot Passing Signs

By July 8, 2015Speak up for Biking

Car drivers must give at least three feet of distance when passing a bicyclist in Maine. To help educate drivers about this law, the MaineDOT is accepting applications for free 3-foot bicycle passing law signs from municipalities that would like to install them on state roads or state aid roads in their community.
Municipal or MPO staff must apply to the agency with a location request. Pictured here is the only traffic sign that has received Federal approval regarding Maine’s 3-foot bicycle passing law. If a sign is donated by MaineDOT, the municipality must agree to pay all costs associated with sign installation. Some points to note about the process of applying for free 3-foot-passing signs from MaineDOT:3 feet minimum to pass bike ped

  • The signs shall be provided for free for locations along state roads or state aid roads.
  • The request must come from MPO staff or municipal staff
  • If municipal staff, the town planner, public works director, or town manager would be a good person to liaison.
  • The request must go to Patrick Adams at MaineDOT. He is reachable at or at (207) 624-3300.
  • Requests to replace the old 3-foot-passing sign (the one with an image of a car and a bike with an arrow in between) will be given higher priority than signs at new locations.
  • The request should include as much detail as possible: what is the exact location, which way will the sign be facing, any data you might have on bike/ped usage at that location, is the location part of a route that’s been identified as a key bike/ped route in a previous plan or study, is the location a high bike/ped crash location, etc.