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Municipal Funds

By January 1, 2016Funding Sources

If you’re looking for funding for a local infrastructure project, step one is to talk to a member of your municipal staff. This could be the planner, engineer, grant-writer, assistant town manager, town administrator, or public works director. Finding the right staff person who can help you with funding will depend on the size of your town. In a small town, start with your town manager or administrator and Public Works Director. Asking questions about how projects are funding is also an easy way to get the bike/ped conversation started with the town. Sources of municipal construction funding may include:

  • Municipal Capital Improvement Program (CIP Yearly Budget)
  • Other Town Budget funds
  • Municipal Bonding
  • Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts. TIFs allow communities to capture incremental growth in property tax revenue, over a period of time, for reinvestment within the community.
  • Other Municipal Funding Streams. The City of Portland has adopted a few innovative funding streams for bicycle and pedestrian projects. Learn more.
  • Private Developer Funds