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New Law Aimed At Protecting Cyclists In Maine (WGME – Video)

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New Law Aimed At Protecting Cyclists In Maine

STATEWIDE (WGME) — There is a new law aimed at protecting cyclists in Maine. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine says the law does three things:

  • If a cyclist is hit, then the 3-foot law is automatically broken.
  • The new law also allows a cyclist to determine how far to the right they ride, so if the shoulder has cracks or is unsafe, the cyclist can move closer to the middle.
  • The law also makes it illegal for drivers to peel out in front of cyclists.

Nancy Grant, executive director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine says, “I can’t tell you how many accidents in Maine are what we call right and left hooks where a motorist is making a turn and just takes the bicyclist right out – doesn’t wait for the bicyclist to proceed, doesn’t give the bicyclist enough chance and takes the bicyclist right out.”

The law went into effect without the governor’s signature. 

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine will also push for a law that would create automatic citations if a cyclist is hit, no matter what the reason.