Community Spokes Online Toolkit

The Community Spokes Toolkit was developed for local advocates trained by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine as “Community Spokes.”  These tools are designed for community members who want to make their own cities and towns more bike-and-pedestrian friendly.

The Community Spokes Toolkit is intended to help you create a campaign around any local issues related to bicycling and walking, or to help you provide assistance to others doing similar work. It provides the information you need to coordinate or assist with efforts to promote projects, policies and programs in your community to benefit bicycling and walking.

Much of the process and planning information in this Toolkit comes from the Alliance for Biking & Walking “Winning Campaigns Workbook.” We have customized information from this workbook to better fit the context of working in Maine communities.

This Toolkit is organized into four sections:

Click here to download the Spokes Manual

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