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Part 1 – A Response to Cycling Fatalities

By January 9, 2013Coalition News

A Response to Cycling Fatalities in Chicago, Part 1 of 4

By John Brooking (Bicycle Coalition of Maine Board Member) 


Like many of you reading this, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Sometimes it seems like too much time. But as it is in most areas of human endeavor, the Internet has been invaluable to me in making new contacts around the country in my most passionate area of interest, bicycle advocacy and education. For example, my initial contact with the people who created the CyclingSavvy education program, with whom I now a certified instructor, was through an email list.

In November, a comment I made on a cycling blog article in Chicago, regarding recent cyclist fatalities there, led to a surprisingly civil and productive online conversation with the author, which eventually led to his inviting me to write a guest essay on his blog, Easy as Riding a Bike. What caught my attention initially was a critique he made of a page of the Commute Orlando site about What Cyclists Need to Know About Trucks. As we conversed further, I was intrigued by our somewhat different sense of the concept of bicyclist rights, so that is something I explored further in my first guest post. Verbose writer that I am, I ended up with a 3-part series, following up that first post with one about infrastructure, and a final one about education and the law.

Now the BCM has expressed interest in republishing it, so with that introduction, follow us as we post in the coming weeks. I hope you find in thought-provoking, and please feel free to comment!