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Pedal to the Park Sundays at Hadlock Field (WCSH6 – Video)

This article originally appeared on WCSH6.

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A new partnership between the Portland Sea Dogs and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine launched Sunday called “Pedal to the Park on Sundays,” which offers incentives to people who ride their bike to games at Hadlock Field.The Coalition offered a free bike valet. Riders bring their bike to the bike parking lot right next to the main gate and check in with a Coalition volunteer. Riders receive a wristband with a number that matches one put on the rider’s bicycle, similar to a car valet or coat check.”Take advantage of it. You don’t have to pay to park. You just come right in, check in your bike, work with the volunteers, enjoy the game and go home,” said Dennis Meehan, executive director of sales for the Portland Sea Dogs. “It’s also a unique experience. You get active outdoors, you get to do something with the family, you also get an opportunity to be environmentally conscious.”

The Coalition hopes it could encourage more people to ride bikes to get around to save money and the environment.
“We’re really trying to shift the culture of bicycling in Portland and the state of Maine,” said Bridgette Kelly, outreach and education specialist at the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. “And if they enjoy biking to a game, you never know. Then, next maybe it’s biking to the grocery store. It’s not only healthy for you, but it’s healthy for the environment.”
Jerry Marx and Becca Cole enjoyed the service Sunday.
“It’s a great day for it. We got some exercise and saved on the parking fee,” said Marx. “It’s best of America, right? Bicycling to baseball in the springtime.”
The service is open from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday home games. It will not be available during the July 3rd night game.
For more information please visit the Bicycle Coalition of Maine’s website
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