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Press Release: Man on bicycle killed in Lisbon, Advocacy organization investigating

Brian Allenby
Communication Director
Bicycle Coalition of Maine
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Man on bicycle killed in Lisbon,
Advocacy organization investigating

April 1, 2016 – Lisbon, ME – As the state’s leading group promoting bicycling and walking safety, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine routinely monitors crash reports for incidents that involve bicyclists or pedestrians. The Coalition regrets to hear of a bicyclist killed in Lisbon on March 31st and extends its condolences.
Joseph Lamothe, 34, of Lisbon, was struck and killed as he rode his bicycle through Lisbon. This is already the fifth fatality of a person walking or on a bike in Maine this year. This death comes after a year in which a record 19 people were killed on Maine’s roadways while walking. While no bicyclists were killed in 2015, this crash is a sad reminder that speed can kill. Lamothe was killed in the vicinity of 173 Lisbon St. (State Route 196) where the posted speed limit is 45mph. A person on foot has only a 10% chance of being killed when in a crash with a car at a speed of 23 mph. The likelihood increases to 75% when the person is in a crash with a car traveling at 50mph.
This latest incident again highlights the need for all motorists to be alert for other users at all times and places, to obey local speed limits, and never to drive distracted or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. This incident is also a reminder for all pedestrians and bicycles to use extra care to be visible, especially when walking or biking after dark, and to follow best practices and law for roadway safety.
The Bicycle Coalition of Maine will continue to monitor the circumstances surrounding these cases in search of information that will improve roadway safety for all users.


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