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Regional Street Plans Visits

By November 6, 2013Coalition News

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine is working with PACTS and five towns north of Portland to convene a regional bike/ped/trail connectivity planning process, starting in November.  This process, facilitated by bike/ped advocate and planner Mike Lyden of the Street Plans Collaborative ( will focus on ways to improve the bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between the towns of Falmouth, Cumberland, North Yarmouth, Yarmouth and Freeport.   While much of the conversation will focus on improvements in the roadway corridors, the planning process will also spend some time considering offroad trail connections as well. 


We are contacting you to see if you’d be interested in being a member of your town’s “Citizen Advisory Committee” for the process. 


The bulk of the public involvement process will take place during a week long bicycle and pedestrian “plan-a-palooza” whereby Street Plans will spend one day in each of the five towns between November 11 [12th] and November 15th [18th]. Each day will include meetings with local town officials, staff (PAC members), and Citizen Advisors.

During this week, Street Plans will conduct a “Handlebar and Walkabout Survey” process in four of the five towns (Freeport completed previously). An opening public meeting to explain the project, offer best practices and gather input on any/all missing connections, areas of high stress, and opportunities is proposed for Monday, November 11th.


The second public meeting will take place on Saturday, November 16th. Street Plans will share what it learned in each Town with the public and offer initial ideas plans, projects, and policies that can be implemented in the short and long-term. A mapping exercise will also occur at this second meeting so that all input can be collected and integrated into the implementation plan. Street Plans will then formulate a draft between November 16th and the week of December 9th.


Draft content will be presented at a third and final public meeting during that same week. Final ideas, critiques, and comments will be collected at that time.  

Here is the schedule for the Street Plans visits to the regional towns:


Tuesday Nov 12th — Falmouth
Wednesday Nov 13th — North Yarmouth
Thursday No 14th – Freeport
Friday Nov 15th — Yarmouth
Monday Nov 18th – Cumberland


If you’ve ever wondered about how to get your ideas about improving walking, biking and trail connections in your neighborhood on the record, this is your big chance! 


If you’d like to get involved, send a message to Abby King at