Summer Membership Drive

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What are you hoping to accomplish outdoors this summer? We’ve heard supporters say they want to ditch their cars to walk and bike more this summer. We’ve had road riders and commuters tell us they’re looking to try trail-riding or mountain biking. Others have told us they’re just getting back into biking after many years off. What’s on your summer to-do list?

Here at the BCM, we have our own list of goals, which include:

☐ Getting bikes to 25 people who can’t afford them through the new Bangor Earn-a-Bike program. Participants will also learn how to bike safely on the road, as well as basic bike maintenance skills

Hosting free bi-weekly summer women’s rides to get more women comfortable on their bikes and riding in groups. Some sessions will also include bike mechanic skills so women can get comfortable fixing flat tires and other simple repairs

Teaching at least 50 people basic bike maintenance skills through free “Fix-a-Bike” workshops at libraries and community centers around the state

Hosting beginner and intermediate mountain bike clinics in more locations, and encouraging riders of all levels to enjoy Maine’s vast trail network

Completing the first draft of the Statewide Active Transportation Plan with the MaineDOT, incorporating the input we’ve been gathering from public health and bike/ped advocates, disability advocates, homeless service organizations, and individuals across the state.

Celebrating the BCM’s 30th anniversary and setting priorities for the next 30 years!

We need your help to cross these items off our list!

Our Summer Membership Drive goal is $15,000. Can you help us reach this goal?