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The Great Maine Bike Swap – VIDEO (Fox22 Bangor)

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ORONO – Jeremy Gray has a special purpose for why he purchased a mountain bike.
Gray said, ” A trek bike so I can ease into my surgical weight loss program.”  While many swapped old bikes for new ones at the Great Maine Bike Swap, he’s traded in old exercise habits for a better shot at health.  “I’ve done walking and everything else, and it hasn’t changed my weight,” said Gray.  “It hasn’t changed my weight and my dietitian told me to go get a bike.”
Like Jeremy, each person had their own cause for coming to the three hour flea market of bicycles, accessories and more for novices or pros.  Event and Development Coordinator for the Bicycle Coalition of Maine Liz Hall said, “The best appeal of the Great Maine Bike Swap is that you can find a quality used bicycle that you can ride yourself.  For people who are new to the sport, getting into biking for commuting and transportation, it’s a great easy way to get into it.”

True to its name, you can barter a worn out ten speed for anything you like and pay the difference in price.  “Lots of avid bicyclists are finding yet another bike, upgrading to a bike and selling the bike that they had or finding another to add to their collection,” said Hall.  The average cost is $175 but can be above or below that number.  It only depends on what your interests are and quality of bicycle you want.  Heather Rushmore, mother of two said,  “I came for a mountain bike and I am getting a mountain bike.”
David Auclair, who drove up from his shop in Augusta, said he negotiated non-verbally at times.  “It’s sort of like this instant communication between someone who is interested in something and myself,” said Auclair.  “I guess it’s not telepathy but you can tell this person can afford $3 for this or $20 for whatever.  But you end up quickly at a number that works.
For Jeremy the day is a win-win.  “100% satisfaction for me,” said Jeremy.