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The Great Maine Bike Swap's season kickoff (Fox23 Bangor)

By April 12, 2016Coalition News, Events
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ORONO – With the weather warming up this might be the perfect time to go buy an affordable bike.
People in the Bangor Area had the opportunity to buy used bikes at the uUniversity of Maine over the weekend.
Prices depended on the value of the bicycles. A chance to find a new bike and also a chance for people to get rid of bikes that are no longer needed.
“They’re just trying to get bikes out of their garage they’ll price their bikes really competitively or they may not know necessarily how much their bike is worth. So you can find some real awesome deals. But we also have people are really experienced that want to sell their bikes but also want to make some money off of it.” said Outreach and Education specialists Bridgette Kelly.
The event was held at the school’s recreation center.
Students attending UMaine had free admission to the event.