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Video – Great Maine Bike Swap cycles into spring

By April 17, 2013Coalition News, Events

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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)– As spring arrives many of us are thinking of ways to enjoy the outdoors. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine wants to encourage Mainers to trade in their four wheels for two and start biking. The University of Maine hosted the annual Great Maine Bike Swap.

The event allows people to either sell their bikes that might be taking up some space in their garage. Or buy yourself one at a cheaper price.

Executive Director Nancy Grant with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine said, “There’s lots of people, especially these days, that maybe haven’t been on a bike since they were a high school kid. Or [they are] in their twenties and thinking ‘Hey maybe this is something I want to try.’ By coming to the swap it’s sort of a low risk purchase.”

Attendees could test drive the different kinds of bikes. The racks were full of everything from mountain bikes, road bikes, cycles for the kids, and even tandem bikes. With plenty to choose from there was something for every cyclist.

More than one thousand people took a peek at the merchandise and many gave the bikes a test drive. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine sponsors the annual springtime event members say it’s the best time to get people thinking about getting back on the bike.

Grant said, “If they love it they can maybe come back and maybe recycle that bike here next year and maybe buy something a little more expensive. You know the hope is to just get more Mainers on bikes, that’s what we are all about.”

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine will be holding another bike swap in Portland on Sunday, April 28th.