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Video – Walking School Bus Program Kicks Off In Portland (WGME)


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Walking School Bus Program Kicks Off In Portland

PORTLAND (WGME) — A program just getting under way here in Portland is putting a different kind of school bus on the street, and getting kids to exercise in the process. It’s called the Walking School Bus program.

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So far, the program is in the Reiche School and East End Community School. Kids walk with adult volunteers along set routes to their schools each morning, and along the way they make stops at various points to pick up more kids. Just like a traditional school bus. 

The program accomplishes two goals: getting kids to school safely and promoting exercise too.

Program coordinator Betsy Critchfield says, “A lot of parents have concerns about letting their kids walk to school by themselves especially kindergarten and first grade and so we just wanted to enable that to happen in a safe environment.”

“Physical activity is one way to set kids up for learning, to be open to learning so this is one way to do that,” says Peter McCormack, assistant principal at East End School.

The program needs your help.  They are looking for more adult volunteers so that they can allow more kids to join in the fun.