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Waterville to Install Temporary Curb Extensions to Increase Pedestrian Safety (Video)

By October 11, 2016Coalition News

Downtown Waterville will soon feature temporary curb extensions to shorten pedestrian crossings.
It’s part of a two-part safety demonstration project organized by the city and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.
The first curb ‘bump out’ is expected to take place October 19th.
Travel lanes of Main and Front streets will be narrowed to shorten the distance between sidewalks for pedestrians.
Curb extensions will be temporarily added to the intersections of Temple and Front streets as well as Main and Appleton streets.
“It allows pedestrians to come out a little bit further. They come out no further than a parking bay. So it’s not as if they’re standing in the street or anything. They’re completely within a safe zone and it just facilitates the visibility of that safe zone more and allows pedestrians to feel safer coming out,” said Sam Herr, Community Advocacy Coordinator for the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.
The second demonstration project will take place on November 2nd.
Both studies hope to show how inexpensive and simple it is to improve pedestrian safety as well as slow down traffic.