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WCSH6 – Walk & Bike To School

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Take a walk or bike ride to school today

Submitted by Jackie Ward
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012, 7:30am

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Waking up 20 minutes earlier than their friends and putting on an extra layer of clothes is all part of the morning routine for kids who walk to school every day.

But they may have a little more company than usual this morning. Today is International Walk to School Day, a chance for kids to get outside and enjoy the fresh air before sitting in classrooms all day. The group Partnership for a Walkable America organized this event and believes we need more walkable communities. For the kids we spoke to who walk to school every day, they said they don’t mind walking at all.

“It feels really good to walk in the morning, because it gives me a chance to wake up, where as just going to class while I’m still half asleep is just awful,” 7th grader Callie Banksmith said. 

“And riding the bus is so loud and everyone is sitting around you yelling,” Maya Farr-Weinfeld, a 7th grader said. 

Schools around the world have organized a walk or bike to school day. Forty countries are participating this year.