People with bikes outside Maine capitol in Augusta image


The Bicycle Coalition of Maine works to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians across the entire state. We work with the Maine State Legislature to advocate for the passage of laws that protect cyclist and pedestrian rights and increase safety through infrastructure improvements and awareness.

At the local level, we train volunteers called “Community Spokes” to work on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects in their own communities. We have Spokes in all 16 counties of Maine, working hard to make their communities better for cyclists and pedestrians!

The BCM implements tangible change through Imagine People Here, our tactical urbanism program. We work with communities around the state to install temporary demonstration projects to show how simple infrastructure changes can make significant safety improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

Our advocacy efforts help Maine sustain a vibrant economy, a clean environment, and healthy communities. Our members make this work possible!

Bicycle Coalition of Maine