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Imagine People Here

On our “Imagine People Here” campaigns, we work with local advocates and municipal officials to create temporary demonstration projects that improve safety and access for bicyclists and pedestrians in communities across the state.

Using temporary infrastructure such as flexible posts, signs, and paint, Imagine People Here projects demonstrate the value of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian facilities like bike lanes, curb extensions, and other traffic-calming measures. The goal is to show how a bicycle, pedestrian, or traffic-calming facility could improve safety and comfort at an affordable price (most demos cost less than $1000). Speed and yield studies are performed before and after installations to evaluate effectiveness.

Annual Summary Reports:

2023 Imagine People Here report.

2022 Imagine People Here report.

2021 Imagine People Here report.

2020 Imagine People Here report.

For a list of past projects, click here.

Looking to provide feedback on an existing or past project? Email jim@bikemaine.org.

Potential projects should:

  • Be in locations where public support (or minimal backlash) towards the project can be expected.
  • Be in locations where some planning or conversations about the need for a facility have already occurred.
  • Have municipal support.
  • Connect to other existing or planned bicycle facilities.
  • Be simple. For example, create curb extensions to calm traffic and shorten crossings, or create new bike lanes by striping and installing temporary structures to separate the new bike lane.

If your project proposal meets these suggestions, email info@bikemaine.org

The BCM would like to thank AARP Maine for their dedicated support of our Imagine People Here program!

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